Multiple OSC text listeners crashing system.

  • Hi all, I've got a project where I've got a number of different OSC text streams coming into isadora on different channels from an XML file on another machine. In XML the text files have different tags as they need to be differentiated as spoken text, titling and some other elements as well. We seem to crash (immediately) whenever I have more than two OSC text listeners. Does anyone have any suggestions on settings which can allow me more than two text type OSC listeners at a time? Perhaps even on the XML side as in throttling the rate of messages sent etc? I'm on a quad core 2.8, with 16 G memory, problem tested on both f24 and f25. Thanks for any thoughts, Jim

  • Hmmm... is there any way to recreate the OSC stream on my end, i.e., can I somehow run the software that's sending the messages? If you can help me find a way to recreate the problem, and if there is a bug, I will most definitely fix it.

    Please let me know what you can do to help me recreate the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the lightning fast response!
    The xml is a bit cumbersome to send out in an easy way as it has quite a few reference files etc, but I was able to repeat the crash state sending the similar OSC type signals from Isadora to Isadora, machine to machine.
    I stripped the patch down to make it as clear as possible so here are the two files (listen and transmit) which continue to crash between my two computers.
    Interestingly if I send the OSC values on localhost from inside the same patch internal to one machine only then it doesn't crash.  
    Thanks for checking it out for me.  Let me know if you need more info.
    Best regards,

    dcd1fb-osc-listen-on-111.izz a9139b-osc-transmit-to-111.izz

  • Hi,

    I tested the patches, it crashes on my machines too ( windows ).
    On my machine it's what you send on channel 4 that is making the crash.
    I tested OSC listening from a new patch, all your infos arrive without crash.
    I tried to delete everything from your patch, even with the patch empty, it crashes when starting to send osc
    It's very strange.
    It really looks like if your file has a problem.
    I remade somehow quickly your patch, on my machine it's not crashing, I attach it that you can test it.


  • Thank Mehdi,

    Your patch works fine for me too.  Head scratcher.

  • Dear All,

    OK -- it is a kind of bug, but one that is easy to solve. In the receiver patch, you have defined 
    in the Stream Setup window. These are Isadora's pre-defined OSC inputs. Isadora should not let you use them in the Stream Setup window -- and I will change to code to prevent this in the future. But, if you clear the Stream Setup list and run your patch again, I think you'll find it works.
    Best Wishes,