Enttec Files

  • There is 2 Versions i built for a show. Osc and regular Izzi V2. Feel free to use or change it. Maybe someone can need it. I use Enttec Pro for the Performance!


    d07c74-enttec.png 588b95-enttecosc.png

  • Tech Staff

    Amazing - thanks for sharing!

  • @ Sculpture . You are most welcome. I got so much help & hints here why not give something back to the community...

  • Tanks a lot!!!!!

  • Wow !
    This seems very interesting..
    I'll have a look at how you've done this.

    Thanks for sharing


  • Tech Staff

    I tweeted a link to this post via the isadora twitter account. Hope you don't mind.

    I think a lot of people will get a lot of use out of these. 

  • l Sculpture No i don´t mind at all ...

  • @Maximortal Just in case you did not get my mail here. Here is the Zip file / Top of this thread

    all the best

  • This is great! Just thought you might find it interesting; I'm using your patch to run lights in one of Jim Henson's studios.

  • @Woland  you're welcome. Thats one of the nice things here in this forum. people share ;)

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