• hi guys.  i'm trying got make something where isadora controls some ws2812b led strip via arduino.  the plan is to send osc messages from isadora to arduino and use the values to set rgb values on the led.

    through this tutorial [http://trippylighting.com/teensy-arduino-ect/touchosc-and-arduino-oscuino/](http://trippylighting.com/teensy-arduino-ect/touchosc-and-arduino-oscuino/) i've got something working with the oscuino library in arduino.
    i've got to a point where i simply don;t understand how the incoming osc value can be used in arduino as a variable to control the led values.
    i'm not sure where to start. 
    i've spent hours on it so far.
    does anyone know of some documentation for the oscunio library they could point me to or point me somewhere to better understand how to get the incoming value to work with.  i'm first asking this here as this forum is so much friendlier than some of the others i've tried in the past.  

  • Hello,

    For a workshop, I prepared Arduino code and Isadora patch driving 4 servos motors from Isadora using OSC.
    I tried many OSC libraries and the best (for me) is ArdOSC.
    Here are the patches.


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    Controlling servo motors from Isadora is something I always wanted to test. This looks like a good start. All informations how to achieve this in Isadora via arduino is very welcome.

  • You can do this, watch out, depending on how many LEDs you use (how long the strip is) you can choke the arduino pretty fast. There are some cool solutions to get around it like a DIY lookup table in the arduino. The arduino bus either for USB serial or ethernet is slow. Fade candy is a faster solution or using raspberry PI with IO pin libraries. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1689

  • thank you for the example @jhoepffner . the ardosc library looks much more straight forward to get the incoming osc values into the rest of the arduino sketch.  i'll let you know how i get on.

    thanks also @[Fred](/troikatronixforum/profile/10/Fred) for the heads up, all really handy insight.  the length of the strip is likely to be no more than 16 as i'm looking to power the project from a usb power pack that has a maximum current delivery of 1 amp.

  • thank you again @jhoepffner for sharing the arduino sketch.  i've modified it to work with the led strip and along with it have attached an isadora patch to play with the arduino.  

    usable info online has been difficult to find so i share this for those who want to experiment with isadora and led strip control via arduino and osc.