• Hello, I would love to request support for ISF shaders to be available in ISADORA. David Lubin of VDMX created open source alternative for quartz composer to create complex effects and generators. I am currently forced to create Quartz Composer with build-in GLSL node, and would love to avoid this. 

    Thanks http://vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/isf https://github.com/mrRay/vvopensource https://github.com/satoruhiga/ofxISF

  • Dear @bareimage,

    Thanks for the feature request. We've logged it in our list and will be looking this over carefully, as it's obviously the kind of thing that would benefit Isadora greatly.
    Best Wishes,
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    Also stumbled upon this site now https://www.interactiveshaderf...

    Are the some kind of shader converters that spit out some code that Isadora GLSL shader actor can read?

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    @crystalhorizon said:

    shader converters

     I think these are very similar to what Isadora already uses, just the parameters are wrapped in JSON... where Isadora is using a comment structure.
    Perhaps I will spend sometime converting a couple, and if successful right up a how to.