• Hi,

    while trying to transform older patches from cpu to gpu based actors I discovered the following:
    When placing a projector with a user input for the 'video in' into a user actor, the input of that user actor refuses to connect.
    Any confirmation for this behavior here?
    Latest Izzy/OSX 10.10.3
  • Tech Staff

    Try setting the user input type specifically. That may fix the issue with the input being mutable. also.. make sure you are running the latest version. I can't test this on Mac right now.. but hopefully this will allow you to move ahead. Also entering as a official bug report is always helpful.

  • Dear @Reinhard,

    First of all, I could not reproduce this bug. I did the following in Isadora 2.0.5
    1. Create a User Actor
    2. Open User Actor
    3. Add User Input actor and Projector actor.
    4. Connect the two. User Input mutates to 'vid-gpu" input.
    5. Close User Actor choosing "Save and Update All"
    6. Add Movie Player and start playing movie.
    7. Connect Movie Player to input of User Actor
    8. All works as expected.
    Did you do something differently?
    Now, there is a problem we know about can be seen if you do the following:
    1. Do steps 1-5 above
    2. Create second User Actor and open
    3. Add Movie Player and User Output.
    4. Set 'movie' for Movie Player so it has something to paly.
    5. Connect 'video out' of Movie Player to User Output
    6. Close second User Actor choosing "Save and Update All"
    If you now try to connect output of the second User Actor (with Movie Player inside) to the first User Actor (the one with the Projector inside). It does not work, which is a bug.
    To solve this, do the following:
    1. Open first User Actor (the one with the projector)
    2. Double-click the User Input
    3. Change the "Data Type" popup to "GPU Video (vid-gpu)"
    4. Close second User Actor choosing "Save and Update All"
    Now you will be able to connect. I'm guessing that this second scenario is what you discovered. But the 4 steps immediately above will allow you to work around the problem for now.
    We will ensure the bug is fixed for the next release.
    Best Wishes,