Wired and wireless HDMI source - new external IOGENI 4k2usb3 capture card

  • hi all

    a contribution to the source-in discussion.

    i have been using the IOGENI 4k2usb3 capture card-HDMI version-and it is easily recognized as a camera by ISADORA.

    i hadn't been able to establish a stable dependable wireless signal from iP's that Izzy will recognize using Epoccam or Airbeam or airplay. the BlackMagic card couldn't do 1080p60 -it maxes out at p30- so had to return it and try this. so this card + appletv is the best-quality solution that works for my set-up of wireless camera input being recorded and/or shown.

    has anyone else use this card?
    what is your experience with it and how have you configured the stream?

    it's expensive, this version is ~$400 at B&H, but it is actually plug-n-play as long as it's set up and the source is on before you open Izzy. it has had no problem re-finding the signal if the source gets unplugged or turns off. i have not tried it on 4k or uncompressed.

    the card has worked wired straight in using an HDMI adapter for iPad/iPod/iPhone (or other HDMI source), or wirelessly through the AppleTV that i am also  currently using to downrez 1080 to 720. the website says it requires USB3 and 10.8 but it's working on both a current iMac, and  a 2010 MBP w only USB 2 and OS10.6.8 and upgraded SSD drive at rez under 1080. (have not done a firmware update tho.)

    supposedly it is affected by HDCP on the HDMI version (not on all versions) but i haven't seen a problem yet with the AppleTV so have not needed a splitter or any workaround.

    i have yet to successfully access the customizable parameters via VLC, which is the recommended app. there are scripts for ffmpeg for windows and linux users. (i would like to be able to uprez/downrez via the card itself and feed what i want to the laptop rather than wasting laptop resources, but have not been able to sort this possibly due to having no idea of how to use VLC to make streaming changes or indeed do anything besides play video. the developer assured me that changing resolution through the card was one of the things it does and i have an email in about this.)


  • Mike,

    You seem enthusiastic, but we need more info on your setup, your use, what do you film, where do you project…
    Be more precise and it will be profitable for  other ones. On the iogeni website, I see only a remote for house devices.