Airbeam users - tips / warnings with latest version...

  • Latest build of Airbeam (2.0.1 build 2) and Airbeam Pro (2.0) have some quirks... Been on to tech support for a few days and results are thusly: 1) Avoid apostrophes in your device names (settings > general > about > name for iOS devices, System Preferences > Sharing for OSX) - can result in a frozen or blank feed. Preview thumbnail works, but feed doesn't. 2) iPhone 4 & 4S do NOT support H264 stream, only mJpeg. H264 will be removed from options for these devices in next release. When set to H264, again, preview thumbnail works but feed doesn't. 3) iPhone 4 does NOT support camera format higher than medium. For equivalent of 'High' pre airbeam2, set to medium, and set streaming res & quality to perfect / 100%. 4S and above are fine. 4) Glitch in Airbeam pro on Retina Macs can result in you seeing a zoomed view of the lower left quarter of the camera view. Unfixable once it's occurred. This will be fixed in the next release which should clear on the App Store within the next week. 5) Motrr Galileo control from Airbeam Pro - slow crawl. No centre-on-clicked-target support. Am awaiting news on this. Constant rate pans no longer doable. Control is manageable via iPad as a better alternative for time being, but still can't set a constant pan going and leave it. Will update when I hear more...!

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