• Hello everyone,

    I have a show coming up that involves projecting onto a sphere. It's going to be a rather large one, but I was wondering what the best way to try and map it to the sphere would be within izzy 2.0? I downloaded blender and started messing with some sphere stuff in that, but I don't really know the best way to map it in Izzy, or really the process. Does it make sense to try and fake 3d sphere it within after effects and project it, or is there something I use within izzy to take my flat square images and give them a sphere shape? Or does it even work that way, would it look fine just projected onto the sphere and feathering out the edges to a circle?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  • Tech Staff

    There are a wide variety of methods that one could use to achieve this... and it will really depend on your show (setup time... requirements etc..)

    If you have successfully been able to add a video texture to a 3d sphere in Isadora.. you are on a good path in my opinion. (this may take some doing as you need the sphere to be texture mapped in a specific manner to not loose video around the back side of the sphere)
    This method should give you true 3d warping.
    There is also the 3D mesh projector... and I believe that sphere mesh files are available for download (the manual has the wrong link currenlty: http://paulbourke.net/dome/warpplayer/)
    With Isadora 2, the 3D mesh is currently not my recommended option, since it renders direct to stage (using vid-cpu) and bypasses the option of using IzzyMap.
    Another option, that is dead easy.. but less exact would be to simple fish eye the video and mask to your sphere...