• Does anyone have a feathered edge image they are willing to post?  I am looking for somehting for a 6 projecter array.  3-low,  3-high  I figured I need a U and L shape...Thanks.

  • Beta Platinum

    Do you mean like a photoshopped black and white image to use as a blend overlay?

  • Beta Tester

    The image you need will depend on how big your overlap regions are in your edge blend. If you are using Isadora core there is a good edge blending plugin you can use.

  • Skulpture....Yes a blend overlay.

    Matthew H....Yes i am using Isadaora Core.

    So my thought on the "L" shape was that i could control all directions left, righ,t up, and down  thus sending off screen the darkest portions I don't need.  And then use the contracts adjust to them make even more fine tuning and a sort of gamma correct in the overlapped darkend area.  Same thing with the "U" but i would probable use the zoom.

  • I should state that i own "core" but have never used those functions and I don't really understand how to make them work.  The CI and QC's actors don't seem to work with the standard actors.  Does Mark have a tutorial on how to use the core actors?....this should probably be a seperate post.

  • djprovost

    I think you mean that core actors use image and standard use video. For that you have image to video and video to image actors.