• Hi there

    I had a project I made in Isadora version 1.09 and am trying to do it in v2 now.
    Am going to roll out a number of questions over different posts but here is the most urgent one as I have to do some prefilming in a set environment before my freight gets picked up.

    Am totally confused by Capture settings and this is combined with attempting to upgrade the project to work best in Isadora v2 (and not fully understanding/knowing all the changes).

    In the project I have a live feed in with Logitech Webcam C920 (also using Mactaris Webcam Settings ap).
    After a while I need to trigger capture to disk (either stage or camera) for a 5 minute clip and add to the media bin.
    Then I trigger that movie to crossfade with the live feed. (this was done with a crop in v1.09 but that's for another post question).
    Then in another scene I trigger a different prerecorded .mov to crossfade (that has been captured in the same way but prior to the performance).
    In yet another scene I might have 2 movies (but in 4 crops) that crossfade with the live feed one by one.

    1. There doesn't seem to be an option in Input - Live Capture settings  to make that capture recording Photo jpeg so that I get smooth playback later.
    2. I have performance issues with capture and with playback - glitchy capture and even if smooth capture sometimes still glitchy playback esp with multiple .movs.
    2. If I'm upgrading the project to v2 and the c920 is HD should I be using a different codec anyway?
    3. Should I just use the old CPU actors in v2 (this will also solve my crop problem)
    4. Is my MBP specs and OSX one of the issues? and therefore on this box should I stick with v1.09?

    Hope you can help!


  • Dear Cat, it might be best to set this up as a support ticket via the Troikatronix website. There are multiple levels to your questions, and the answers also require some understanding of the ways that Isadora 2.0 now deals with video streams.
    We need to know your operating system (exact version) and to seeyour Isadora file etc.

    Here is the link to set up a ticket for this to our offical support team: http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/

    In the meantime please take a look at all the 2.0 articles in the Knowledge Base which explain the changes to 2.0 with regard to video streams, codecs, capturing etc.  http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/

    thanks !

  • Ok thanks have made a ticket. Apols for layers. Let me know which details of op system you need to know. It's a 2011 machine with Radeon graphics card. Have been pouring over the knowledge base for izzy2 and scouring the forum too.

  • hi cat, and primaldevine,

    I have the same question–where to go to assign codec and resolution for the Capture Camera to Disk actor in Isadora 2–and have just submitted a ticket email as well. All the Capture Camera clips are coming in at Format: Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2, which are not huge and not very playable.

    list of capture specs attached, with the difference between my current assigned Stage capture settings and the [automatic?] Capture camera video encode settings.



  • correction:

    All the Capture Camera clips are coming in at Format: Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2, which ARE huge and not very playable.

  • Izzy Guru


    Well as far I know if you use the "capture camera to disk" you can choose the resolution in the menu "input-->live capture settings" but not the codec. If you want to change the compression/codec you have to use the "capture stage to disk" actor, the compression can be set over the menu "output-->compression settings".

    Best Michel

  • Dear All,

    To address the issue of setting the compression for Live Video Input:
    Unfortunately we had to upgrade the system we used when capturing video for Isadora 2.0.5\. The old system (QuickTime) did not work on Retina Mac Book Pros and Mac Book Airs. We upgraded to a more recent system called QTKit, but this system does not offer the ability to change the codec. We simply had no choice to this update, otherwise people with the aforementioned computers could not capture video from their internal web cam.

    We have worked around this for the next release, adding a "Force JPEG Capture" button to the Live Capture Settings. So while you won't be able to choose any other codec, at least you can choose to output Photo JPEG.

    We are testing through this release now, and will get it out as soon as we can.

    That new button will provide a solution that will work in most situations.

    Best Wishes,