Sending ASCII over serial

  • I am using send raw serial to send ascii to a camera controller. works from data viewer on a PC but Isadora seems to convert it to hex...

    Sending  the Words "Power Off" (which works from a pc terminal, it switches the machine off) gives me this output in the monitor:

    <- Serial | 1          | 50 6F 77 65  72 20 4F 66  66        | Powe r Of f         |

    So either its sending hex or its scrambled, both are wrong. So How can I send a clean Power Off  ?

    I am getting some feed back over serial, so I know she hears me.

    Thank you

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    Hi Fubbi,

    Have you tried with the classic send serial data ? The actor help explains how to send ascii I think.
    For the send raw serial, I guess you have checked the "mode" parameter. Are we sure this parameter is working properly?
    Hoping you're going good !

  • Hi Mehdi!

    Well, I am working with TCP instead now, the setup changed here. Still having the same problem. I am seeing that the machine hears me, and I get some kind of garbled feedback. So I am pretty sure I am opening and closing my connection right, on the right IP and port.In the attached document there is a lot of chinese algebra about how to format the commands, but I can't seem to get the ascii going.

    The command to shut down, on page 21 is what I am looking for:


    •  Shutdown the device (with Wake on LAN feature enabled): This command shuts down the device and enables the Wake on LAN feature by writing the value 2 (see next chapter for more information).

      Syntax :

      is the device index (0 for Master device, 1 for Slave device). 

      so dev in my case is 0 and LF is a line feed which is 0D in hex ( \n in isadora?)

      so how to format this for the send TCP actor?

      this does not work: "0,2PCsht" 0D

      and gives me this feedback

      <- TCP/IP |  | 30 2C 32 50  43 73 68 74  20 0A    | 0,2P Csht  .     |

      -> TCP/IP |        | 54 50 63 6F  6E 30 2C 31  0D 0A    | TPco n0,1 ..     |

      so you see how the command is fragmented in the monitor (0,2P Csht), same as with the serial. I am doing something fundamentally wrong I guess...



  • @mark what am I missing here? Thanks F

  • solved it! I was missing a carriage return! wohoo!

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    Can you post the working filter? It might help others to see the correct format.


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