Isadora Coming to Front when Triggered by outside application

  • I am using a program called Multiplay to play sound cues and also to send MIDI signals to control Isadora, which is playing video cues to two projectors.  Both programs are running on the same computer, communicating through a virtual midi port called Loopbe1.  Everything is working fine, and the two programs communicate well.

    The thing that is happening is sometimes when I trigger a cue in Multiplay which sends a MIDI signal, the Isadora window comes to the front.  Strangely, it does not take focus, so if I am in the middle of a sequence I can continue pressing the space bar to send GOes to the Multiplay window behind Isadora.  This does not happen every time I trigger a cue, and not even for the same cues every time.  I have even gone whole performances without it happening.  But does anyone happen to know what would cause this?  It's a minor inconvenience, but it scares me every time it happens!
    I am working on Windows XP.