• Hi all

    I would like to know your experiences about 360 degrees video withinn Isadora, artistic uses , ideas, softwares involved, etc.

    Thanks guys ! MAXI

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    Well - it's possible you have 6 stages (outputs) as standard which can be expanded with hardware (matrox/datapath, etc)

    With and SSD, the right codec and careful planing this can be done for sure. You'd need to edge blend each edge also - again all this can be done in isadora. 

  • What format are you planning on using. SO far the industry standard (if there is one) is a 2:1 ratio movie (when stitched). Somewhere on this forum I posted a polar to cartesian and back again patch that lets you unwarp 360 videos captured from a 360 lens line the 0-360 or sony bloggie 360. It was using a core image actor and performance was ok but less than stellar in comparison with other platforms. You can use the mesh projection object and make your own spherical mesh and bind the 2:1 360 movie to the mesh.

    As is Isadora is not really set up for 360 video but you can push it to do it if you know your way around. It does lack any VR support and using alternate projections is a bit of a hassle. 
    Let me know what you need to do and the formats you are working with, I worked a fair bit with 360 in recordings, a live camera version and using VR systems.

  • Thanks fred !!  actually i started this post because im a completely ignorant about 360 videos. A friend is making 360 videos ( with 7 go pro) and ask me to collaborate with him and see how we can fuse Isadora and 360 video. So all your info is great but im a step behind. The only thing i know ( or correct me) is that i need the 360 video on a Quicktime VR format, to start playing around within Isadora.

    Do i need to know which formats and/or systems is using my friend?
    Thanks a lot !!

  • I have no idea if quicktime vr still works. I used a mesh instead. let us know how you go.

  • Thanks Fred ¡ I just tried the movie player VR and is only for pictures . Maybe you can explain a little more about the Mesh, hoy to use it, the file path , video format needed etc. I tried but didnt work. Thanks a lot Maxi

  • Fred, you mentioned using the mesh projection object and make your own spherical mesh. How would I go about making my own spherical mesh object? I have tried using meshmapper and wassnt really grasping how to make my own shape and not just use their preset dome shapes.

    I would love some more info as I am trying to create a vr experience in collaboration with isadora 

  • I had made a solution for this some time ago, I dont think the files are around any more, but here is the thread