Performance Issues using Envelope Generators

  • I thought you may have Threaded Movie playback checked. Uncheck this and see if you get better results. If I remember right Picture player specially does not like it.

  • tried.

    unfortunately, still jumpy...

  • I really is puzzling. I have the same settings, same preferences and lesser mac?

    Try this. You do not need to log in to download the zip(16.07mb). I put the Isadora patch and a picture file I was testing with in it.

  • if you change all the rate times to 10 seconds is it still as smooth?

  • Yes. Run it 20 sec if you like.

  • mine's jumpy when i do 20 secs

  • The one thing I noticed when I tried to record a screen for you with iShowU HD. It started stutter just a bit because this app takes lotsa CPU. So I wonder if you have something running in background that competes with Isadora.

    I am on 10.6.8\. i wonder if this makes difference. I have Lion installed on external drive(never got to use it) that I may give a try.

  • Tech Staff

    My Mac which is super old couldn't handle that patch you created @vanakru but I expected it with a 8000x8000 pixel image.

    What are you playing the file off? An external HD if so is it USB/Firewire, etc?

  • I don't know if my mac classifies as super old as well, but I have just tried to play the same JPG off my main drive SSD and off 1tb HDD in optibay(PATA!!!). No difference, runs great.

  • Tech Staff

    I just tested the patch on my windows machine with a 1920x1920 image.
    I tried a few different settings configs and can't get it to play smooth.
    It is inconsistent as to when and how the stutters occur, but they are there.

    running f24.