• This may seem like a dumb question, however I cannot figure out a good way to do this for the life of me. The project I am working on currently requires a lot of projected collage work and I can't find a good way to create it. Obviously building it in photoshop makes the most sense however my collaborator is adamant about having all of the images imputed separately so that we can mix and move them live. Is there a way to fade only the edges of a photograph or to crop photos in a non-regular shape?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Yes, you can make an alpha channel in Photoshop for each picture, any shape, any edge fading.

  • Tech Staff

    Its also possible to do this dynamically, mixing the shapes output with an image as an alpha.

    This can be very flexible.
    Assuming you are running V2, I have made a basic demo patch (attached)
    Note, that this uses very little CPU as long as you are not heavily animating the mask with the shape actor settings..
    You can however animate it with the Projector settings (as shown) very efficiently.

    NOTE: you need to replace one Jpg with your own.


  • I would do this with Keystone Crop and animate its and Projector params. 2-3 layers and you have pretty collage looking result.

    BTW Keystone Crop is Resolume FFGL plugin.