Can Isadora browse the web?

  • I'm planning an installation that uses Isadora to scroll through random web addresses. to do this, i think i'd need Isadora to control a browser window and syphon the results back into Isadora to process.

    is it possible to generate a mouse click from within Isadora? (if so, i could set up a stumbleupon with every category of interest, and keep the cursor hovered over the red button - not random, but not far off, and not too porny)
    i guess it can be done with Java or applescript, but those are beyond my scope of understanding at the moment.
    does anybody have some insights into how it could be done?

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    Not quite but this is worth a look "QC webkit" 

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  • I use  this QcActor. It works for my needs.


  • Hello gapworks , i'm on Isadora 2.1. I try with with you'r QcActor.

    I only have that… i don't understand why.
    A problem with El Capitan ?
    Can you help me.


  • I´ll take a look at it tomorrow, as i´m just before a premiere. although i can't test it on el capitan. only Yosemite!

  • Thx.

  • I tried on Isadora 2.1 and Yosemite! Works fine as you can see in the Screenshot! I attached another Version of the Actor. The exact same as i´m using in my patch in the example! Give it a try!



  • HI all ! for installing this QC  you put it in : System -Library -Compositions ? Can´t do it

    Thank you !!

  • Hi Maxi,
    Now Apple does not allow changes to the System folder in the new OS, El Capitan. You can install the QC patch in  / HD / Library / Compositions.

  • Thank you very much Javi !! I will try


  • The QC is working fine on my MBP mountain lion , but on my new MBP el capitán I only can see the QC actor with two inputs ( stage and sise ) Any ideas? Thanks again Maxi

  • no experience with el capitan. but i will update to Yosemite finally and try to rebuild it on xcode 7.

  • Open in latest Quartz Composer and make sure all the inputs are published... Think thass all I had to do to get them to show up (elcap + latest Izzy)

  • HI Marci ! the only inputs a can see are just two. And no out puts netheir. Long time im not using QC so probably missing something.

    Thanks a lot!!

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