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    I am a digital arts students and I'm very interested in the Isadora software. I recently attended a workshop where we used it in Prague, and was impressed by its simplicity and modularity as an arts/vj/etc tool especially compared to stuff like vvvv. 
    So I wished to enquire and clarify about the USB version. Does this provide a full license on the usb key - i.e. no other license is needed? So it is a cheaper, single device limited version? Personally, I cannot afford any other, hence my question.
    Also, how does the shipping to Europe work?

  • You are confusing price of phisical dongle with regular price. USB version cost much than regular licence. To calculate real price you must choice licence that fit fou you (win, mac, upgrade and so on) then add price of USB key

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    The USB key itself is optional.

    _"For users on the move, the optional USB key allows you to run a fully enabled copy of Isadora on any computer in which the key is inserted."_
    Meaning you buy a license (or in your case a student license with discount) and you can buy a USB key so you can use it on a variety of computers that are registered and have Isadora installed. 
    So in basic terms the £55/€78.00/$80.00 USB key will not give you a fully working version on its own. 

  • I see. Thank you for clarification. I misunderstood the description there, hence my query here. I guess that just sounded too good :). Currently lacking too many dollars.

    Its sad that the free version is so limited - but of course understandable from a commercial standpoint. Seems like I'll just have to get into TouchDesigner ( which isnt a real alternative - seemingly there are none on windows at least )... 
    Thanks again & best regards,
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    The only limitation is that you can't save - but you can still use Isadora fully. So there is only really that one limitation.

    Don't forget you get student discount - it makes Isadora a little cheaper. 

  • Considering the way Isadora behaves - by which I mean it crashes every time I do something it doesn't entirely like, and it fails to work on Win8 so I'm sporting the W7 on a secondary drive only for Isadora, on which I can't save :D ... so lacking a save option is pretty bad. I would rather have a limited resolution etc and single output for example. But as I said its understandable. I definitely want to buy it. So far its the one software that provides the modularity of vvvv and fidelity of resolume together. Which is very nice.

    Do you know if the standard FreeFrame effects are available with gpu acceleration? I was looking around, and there's only very few free plugins with FFGL, none offer the options of the standard FF effects - however it seems to me that proper GPU usage would be paramount to access to the full power of this program. Also a big question for me, as far as I see most of the crashing is simply because of the CPU accelerated effects ( although I have laptop i7 ). But maybe what I want is impossible :).
    Time to save up.

  • Isadora works pefectly with w8.1, as you can see in my signature line all my sys are based on it.

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    Ditto. 8.1 on my home machine and izzy v.2.0

    We can help you problem solve. It's likely to be  video codec or preference setting. 
    If you wish to post some details or submit a bug report we can have a look into it if you want.

  • It worked when I first installed it. Then it got into a crash and since then never started up. Only getting the crash message. I even tried a reinstall ( from within windows, not from boot, but it did delete everything ). I should probably do a full reinstall although, although I must say I'm not keen on it at the moment.

    I have attached a crash report. I also submitted it officially around 2 weeks ago.
    My HW is i7 4720HQ, 12gb RAM, 3GB GTX970M. The model is Clevo P650SE and system W8.1
    Works fine so far on W7 installed on the same system, although it still crashes now and then.


  • Hi,

    I also use isadora on windows based machines, for a lot of productions, and I never had any critical problem. 
    You can make it working.
    My actual laptop has quite similar specs. as yours.
    Would you tell us what precise version of Isadora are you using ? I would recommend last version.
    Did you installed any software between working and non-working situations ?
    Did you tried to delete preferences before re-installing ?
    Did you tried to empty user actors and freeframe folders ?
    Did you tried to kill background processes before trying to start isadora ( I had once such issues and I was suspecting virtual midi bridges or arduino serial ports managing to mess around ).
    I'm sure @mark or @DusX can help you with the crash report.

  • some time crashes are caused by quicktime, wich version do you have? i got 7.6 ( https://support.apple.com/downloads/quicktime ) that is more stable than 7.7 (do not ask me why...i do not know). try to uninstall isadora and quicktime then reinstall all.

    another tip is to set commutable graphic setting on your laptop. set Isadora to high performances
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    My primary machine is also a clever based laptop with w 8.1 if you know your support ticket number I can double check it's status and get in contact via the support center. If you do not have the ticket number, please submit another support ticket and I will be happy to work with you to figure our your system issues.