• When saving a patch in control panel mode, it'd sure be swell if the media pane wouldn't come crashing back in when reopening the patch. The window should just look the way you saved it.

    Thank you!

  • Dear Fubbi,

    Yeah that was a debate for me. I was afraid that if I hid it, novice users wouldn't be able to find it. Probably a prefs setting that says "Automatically Show Media View" that by default is on, but can be turned off, would be the answer.
    Or do folks think that is unnecessary? I could just make it so it "sticks."
    Sorry for the trouble.
  • Tech Staff

    I am a fan of configurable options with meaningful defaults.

  • Beta Platinum

    I have to admit - I was all for it re-showing. I liked it at first and worked well.

    But now I have to say that as i've been testing the betas and working with it it does get in the way a little. 
    I guess it depends on the type of work you are doing.
    For instance: when I was testing syphon and live feed video I didn't need the media window. I had nothing indexed to check so I moved it away.
    But then checking video types and the usual video/image/texture feeds and video I wanted it open.
    In summary I think a tick box in preferences would be nice.
  • Tech Staff

    @Mark I would also like to have a tickbox to hide it, I actually hit cmd+7 and cmd+m quite a lot to hide media and actors.

  • Dear All,

    Well, I guess I'll maybe do it this way: when the file format changes (coming soon) I'll ensure all the "View" settings are stored with the file not in the Preferences. That way, the file will appear just the way you saved it. Probably that's the best thing to do, because if the creator of the file hid those things, then he or she should know what he or she is doing.
    Best Wishes,