Perspective adjustment with izzy map?

  • Hi, I am wondering the correct way to do perspective adjustment in combination with IzzyMap (both with CPU and GPU actors, not just with GPU)

    In the past, I used 3d quad distort, but I think you can't apply IzzyMap to it?
    The classic projector actor has left-right perspective adjustment, but as far as I can find no vertical perspective adjust.

  • use only projector (the one with eye) then double click on it and you can move all 4 corners

    read this tutorial

  • Thanks @Maximortal, but unfortunately corner pinning alone does not adjust perspective. I mean specifically the situation where when a surface is angled with respect to a beamer, lines should appear closer together when they are farther away (like telephone poles when you look down the street). Corner pinning only accounts for making the lines shorter as they get farther away, but the horizontal perspective adjust in classic projector and the x and y rotate in quad distort handle this other aspect of perspective, which is what I need for an accurate mapping.

  • Sorry but I don't get the point. In my mind if I can distort 4 corner point freely I can emulate every perspective distortion. In fact a square became a trapezoid and with corner pin you can create every possible trapezoid from the square.

    try to use the user actor atached, it create a calibration grid, if you move corners you can see line fare from you that are closer each other.
    by the way there is also stage settings in output-stage setup


  • Hello,

    @ dbengali
    Your are right, corner pinning doesn't change perspective. You can do it using the Hidden 3D fonction in the projector. Double Click on the eyes, then clicking on "3D enable", "rotate x", "rotate y" and "rotate z".
    After that you have the same movement like in 3D quad distort, with right perspective.
    @ Maximortal
    No mapping is not good perspectively, try to project a circle on a non perpendicular screen with mapping, you will see that the circle is no more a circle. 3D movement is right in that but not very precise. Personally I use Unity 3D to do that, precise and reliable but that's another story!

  • nice on Jacques - i like the sound of the secret functions

  • Thanks @jhoepffner!  Just what I was looking for