Media files cannot load due to "unexpected error (Error Number = -108)"

  • While working in Isadora 2.0.5, I continually get the attached error message. I've replaced media as instructed and it will no longer load. In the scene that's screen-captured below I also tried loading the exact same image file into (2), and changing the picture player to (2). By doing this I was able to see the media. It seems to be happening to certain files consistently, though the files that it's choosing are all over the place. Um, help?



  • Tech Staff

    Please submit a bug report and we will work with you to find the source of the issue.

  • Dear @SarTunder,

    @DusX will work with you to get the Isadora file. He will be in touch with me about this, as I may be possible for me to get it to load.
    Best Wishes,

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