• I sell a Midi Creator by the University of York. The device is in good working condition and was just the back-up device for an installation and fortunately, not needed. With the Midi Creator you are able to translate sensor inputs into Midi Signals. Detailed information as well as software downloads can be found at www.midicreator-resources.co.uk Additionally, I have got 16 sensor pads 33cm x 33cm equiped with pressure sensors and XLR connectors. Not all of them are in good working conditions, this is why I would give them for free to the one who is going to buy the Midi Creator.

    The device is located in Austria. International shipping is no problem. If you are interested, please, send me a message.

  • Since this is really outdated(last 2006) no links seems to work. So "Detailed information as well as software downloads can be found at www.midicreator-resources.co.uk" is kind of unavailable? The price would be good to know as well.

    I am theoretically interested, but I need to find out what this does better than Arduino.