• How do I connect the cable from my xbox 360 into my MBP firewire 800 port?

  • Beta Tester

    Are you trying to connect your Kinect to your computer? If so, it connects via USB using the included power adapter, not through FW800.

  • Izzy Guru

    If you don't have the power adapter then you need one. The USB port can't be connected via Firewire I'm afraid. USB only.

  • as mentioned you need the kinect power adapter to connect your Kinect to your computer. The connector that the kinect has may have thrown you off as it kinda'a looks like firewire, but it is not. it's a proprietary connector that plugs into its xbox360 port. 

    If you need to connect it to a computer or an older xbox360 unit, then you need to use a Kinect power adapter, which will provide a USB connector in addition to powering the Kinect. the power adapter is sold separately