• In a recent workshop I had to make a fast solution for getting a non programmer sound guy who could understand MIDI access to OSC signals. I made a simple system to send data in both directions. It is a simple and small app. I was surprised to see there was a few OSX options but nothing fast and simple for windows.

    This app is made for mac and windows and not really tested outside of our LAB, it worked well there day in day out so I thought I would share the work.
    You can get the source or precompiled binaries for mac or windows here.

  • thanks Fred :)

  • Tech Staff

    Great tool to have added for pc users. Thanks.

  • I just had to update this utility, it now supports note velocity, mono and poly pressure, program change and pitch bend. I am working on midi time code and a few new features.

    All the libraries are updated and it is not compiled for 64bit Win and OSX.\
    Pre-compiled versions can be found here

  • Hi @Fred - i just downloaded your little OSC-MIDI app. Does it work on OSX 10.13.3 High Sierra? When I open it I get the little window, but no config options, and sending OSC out of another app on port 12345 isn't showing anything in your app. any ideas?



  • @dbini Hey, I have no access to 10.13, so it is hard for me to debug. There is no setup screen, you need to go into the bin>data folder and change the XML manually. 

    Just to make sure you are sending the correct format osc, for example 

    address /noteOn

    with 2 integer values, first for note number and second for velocity value.

  • thanks @fred, i'll check it out...