Human voice pitch as numeric values

  • ey people!!!

    I am attempting to convert the pitch of a human voice into value. For this I have a set of Sound Frequency Watchers, each of them monitoring a certain frequency, 100hz away from the next one, with a frequency width of 100hz and no slope. (see pic)
    I was checking its behaviour with a sinusoide and it is quite accurate. Now I have to sort out 2 things:
    1\. how can I do the mathematics to combine and convert the energy value of the watchers into a unique value that goes from 0 to 100, being 0 = 50hz and 100 = 950hz??
    2\. how to convert the fundamental frequency of the human voice into a sinusoide, in order that the accuracy of theĀ Sound Frequency Watchers is improved?
    I am on Win7\. no audio units for me. I am using ableton live and I am trying out different things, for example a VST called Antares Kanto, which converts the audio input into a synthetized sound, but it has no sinusoide.

    I appreciate ideas!!!




    then simply use a synth with a oscillator feed by midi data from imitone