• I've got 17 MOV files that I've imported into a project and wonder if there is a way to save that set of files so that I don't have to reimport them every time I open a new project. Is that possible? Would using a Bin be the right approach?

  • Tech Staff

    As long as the files stay in the same place you should not have import them every time. Save it and re-open the file - they should still be there.

  • Yes, but I want to open a new file/project and still have access to the same set of Imported media from a previous project...

  • If you have the 17 movie files in one forder(or you make reference movie files to a given folder if you do not want to alter original location) I see no big task to select them all and import or drop to media window. Takes just few seconds more.

    Or in the open project save project with new name, make new scene, delete all but the new scene.
  • Tech Staff

    Let us know how you get on with this.

  • Okay, thanks.

    Would be a nice feature to save a bin full of files (I know where to request it)