Circular motion of a still image

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    I am using Picture Player and Projector, along with Envelope Generator++ to change the values of horizontal position, vertical position, zoom, etc....
    i can only accomplish this in straight lines....
    my current mission is to pan/tilt/zoom around an image in a 'circular motion'. as if a camera were starting, pointed in one position, and panning in a circle around the image while zooming out at the same time...
    i've tried breaking it down into smaller sections and adding segments to the Envelope Generators, but obviously to have a smooth motion would be impossible to map frame by frame...
    i probably need to be using the Curvature Actor but i'm not quite sure how...
    any advice most appreciated. thanks

  • Just add Curvature between Envelope Out and Projector parameters. You can play with its behavior by grabbing and moving the Bezier handles.

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    Or maybe the wave generator actor... never had to make a circular movement but it will be possible somehow using either vanakaru's suggestion, or mine, or both....

  • thanks you guys

    i thought of both those actors -- sometimes it's so time-consuming playing trial and error, that it's just good to be reassured that i'm not wasting my time with the wrong tools! now back at it... : )
    many thanks

  • Try feed wave generator or envelope into curvature XY to make track change real time.

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    Another possible option, depending on what sort of composition you are creating is to use the 3d rect projector. You can control loads of params, and could easily create the circular motion you are looking for, it would also put the processing onto the gpu leaving you more cpu for other things.

  • @DuscX

    Are you sure about this: ” it would also put the processing onto the gpu leaving you more cpu for other things.”
    And I do not see any easy way to create a circular motion in Isadora.
    Now if I try this in After Effects then nothing could be more easy indeed. I am not sure what @raha project will need in terms of control but I would make a movie in AE with circular motion and manipulate speed and zoom(scale) with Isadora. Then video playback would be on GPU as well and everything may work smoother.

  • 2 sine wave generators, identical, apart from one with a phase of 75, and triggered simultaneously will give a circular motion when one is fed to one plane, and the other to a perpendicular plane. i discovered this yesterday when i needed to draw a 2d circle with a point of light.

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    @Vanakaru, dbini read my mind. Playing with 2 sine waves can create a number of circular fxs. As far as the GPU that has been my experience, although I have no test data to show.. I can see that my GPU usage meter increases when I use the 3d projectors, while it remains inactive when I use regular projectors.

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    Here's a quick sample of a couple round movements.
    The first using the regular projector is near a circle, needs a little more tweaking in the curvature actor, but you get the idea.


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    Or you can record mouse x and y position with data array with the mouse and feed movement with position played by data array.

  • @Armado

    I like that. I was thinking of using Data Array Actor and getting data from AE. But this is just great for complex movement.
    @DusX It works if I change the phase to 75(instead of 50) just like dbini suggested.
    Geat exercise BTW!
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    Thats funny.. I could have sworn that I saved the file with phases set correctly.. weird.
    In any case I updated the file just for kicks.


  • @vanakaru

    i ended up getting After Effects and as you said -- so easy! 
    however, i'm still having trouble smoothly adjusting speed and intensity when i bring the files into Izzy. but i'll start that conversation elsewhere.