IzzyMap - are you using it? Or have you used it?

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    Love it! Works great!

  • I can not live without!

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    Brilliant - thanks. :)

    Personally - I love it too! 

  • I use it constantly.

    And I'm not going to spring for the Madmapper update yet.
    I think not. 

  • I don ´t use it for the moment. But I tested it, and it works great! I'd like the same mapping functions in the global output mapper, which is, i think, still at beta stage. But quick corner on the global output is already very handy for me..

  • I used IzzyMap for my TEDx performance and demo of projection mapping. Would not have wanted to try it without Izzy. Worked great! I do have one question about it. I will start a new thread for that. Thanks!

    Oh and here is a link to the TEDx talk. The camera shooting the performance was straight on at the beginning so really doesn't capture all of the surface I mapped. https://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Demonstration-on-Projection-Map

  • i used it on a tour this Spring. last year we toured the same show and it took me an hour to map onto the set, using Shapes and Alpha Mask. This year it took 4 minutes using IzzyMap. and looked much better. and got much better performance.

    i'll be using it this Thursday to map some images onto the walls of a cave for a DJ set i'm putting together. it means i can turn up 90 minutes before i start playing and build the decks, sound system, projection and mapping, then have a beer before i start, rather than turning up in the morning and struggling to get it looking right.

  • Hello,

    I am using Izzy map for the first time and things are going fine so far. Just have a quick question.
    I am  publishing some mapping points and  manipulate them with envelope generators. I am having some difficulties trying to set the right starting and ending points so that the output can go from total darkness to the mapped shape. When the output is total dark there is always a tiny slice of the image still visible. Any suggestions on how to correct this?    

    MBP i5, 2.4 GHz, 4GB Ram, 10.6.8, latest Isadora

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    are you using the 'Intensity' setting for the slice? In a quick test, I don't see any thing when 'Intensity' is set to Zero.

  • Thank you, I'll use Intensity for the slice.

  • Hi

    i used izzymap during a one week workshop for an upcomming project and after i understood the principle of the in- and output it was great and fun to work with!!!

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    All great to hear thank you!

  • Hi !

    I'm using it, and it is very nice !
    But I think in some cases, it would be very handy to be able to copy output shape to input (in order to be sure image isn't distorted) and vice versa...
    The first example that comes to me is when I map a flat projection surface of any shape and then I want to choose the part of the input that is displayed on it with the right aspect ratio... A simple button that paste output shape to input would be very nice !
    Can you do something to address this case ? Or am I missing some existing way to do it ?
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    That's a valid comment and could be a feature request. I guess most people are never lucky enough to have the exact same slice for both input and output ;)

    Drop it in here as a feature request and you never know! :)

  • I just did it !

    Hope this can help !