Anyone found a control app which supports thumbnails?

  • Does anyone know of any control apps (like touchosc, Lemur etc) which allow the use of thumbnails?

    I'm wondering if I can mimic a video bin on an ipad or at a stretch android phone so I can pick videos from a mobile device.

  • I have taken a different path. I use Air Display from the iPad to control the computer that's running Isadora. It acts like a second monitor from the computer.

  • Thanks. I tried this ages ago with some kind of mirroring app for some kind of node software. It was a bit clunky for the actual interface ie patching I can see it could work better for control though. How do you find it? (Don't say on the App Store!)

  • This has been an on-going topic for a long time.

    I have spoken to a beta tester and developer of TouchOSC called Tony and there is a protocol that supports it but it needs all softwares to implement it. The feature does exist on Avo Lightning desks already apparently. 
    I'd love to see it happen one day. 

  • IIRC Mira the Cycling '74 app does support jpegs - but its not cheap and you are tied into using Max - at least as a bridge to Izzy.

  • OSC PHP, needs some web coding to setup, works fine ;) and its free to build your own!

  • Any more detail about that rainbow? Ive always wondered if it was possible with OSC.

  • and jquery U can build faders as well ;)

  • Interesting thanks!

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