• For those who want's to remote control projector shutters, inputs or power from isadora, i've now created a small mac utility that receives midi and sends out PJLink commands to projectors with network ports. I hope it can help other people then me!

  • Izzy Guru

    Wow this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beta Tester

    This looks awesome. Thanks for posting this and I look forward to trying it out soon.

  • Hello,

    I try it and it works, but impossible to buy it, the "buy" button doesn't works.
    Jacques Hoepffner

  • Hi, I'm a newbie and I don't understand how to control projector midi remote from Isadora. Would anyone explain me? Thanks

  • Hi Jonas! Could you please detail how (what actors and MIDI I/O values) you use to communicate with this software. It is working well on its own, though I cannot make Isadora trigger it.


  • Hello,

    I use it sometime and it's very easy to do:
    1)in Isadora  go in menu/Communications/midi setup and open "Isadora Virtual Out for output 1
    2) create a "send control" actor, port 1, channel 1, controler 2, value any
    3) open projector midi remote
    4) click on learn for the action you want, trigger the "send control"
    Normally PMR, recognize it
    It's done!
    Jacques Hoepffner
    PS avoid double post…

  • If anyone is interested here is my plink patch,

    you need to give the projector ip address, and remove the password on the projector.
    But it doesn't support input change.


  • Thank you for everyones input.  The pjlink actor worked great!