Dance motion capture database?

  • Not immediately related to Isadora, but I thought the artists here may provide some advice. After all Isadora was a dancer.

    I am looking for motion capture data to train a neural net model.
    CMU provides [some]( data, but NN generally require much bigger training data sets.
    Any suggestions, where to find one?



  • Dear @eight,

    I may have a strong lead for you. Alex Oliszewski from Ohio State University know about a motion capture archive there. He may be able to help. He said "We have a large archive of motion capture data at ACCAD and part of that archive is specifically intended for this kind of research opportunity."
    He suggested that you start by doing a google search for ACCAD AT OSU to find out more about their goals as an institution before you contact him. I have sent you his email via PM.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark: Great. Thank you very much.