Stage preferences for individual patch!

  • I usually work on a few projects at same time. Like project A in a morning, project B in the afternoon and project C in the night.

    Each project has their own setting such as stage size, stage numbers, etc. 
    What if each patch has their own stage preferences. 
    Then you do not have to change these setting every time.
    Is this easy change or too complicated?

  • This is what I need as well. I use patches made some time ago and every time I open these I have to remember what the settings were. Usually I make a Comment about the settings, but sometimes I have not. Then it is a hell of a time to sort things out.

  • Izzy Guru

    @Shigezo @vanakaru

    There is something in the pipeline.

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    If you have multiple copies installed, each with have its own settings..

    Its possible to manage the issue in this manner.

  • Can you install multiple copies of isadora in one computer?

    Wow! That is great!
    May be I should try your way.
    However it is good to have stage preference for individual patch in a future though.
  • Tech Staff

    This knowledge base article outlines the process for mac and pc.

    I have more than 20 versions installed on my test machines, so I can say it works without issue.
    **However, after looking at this again.. **
    I see that this will NOT work, since the Preference files are named according to the Isadora version.
    So they will be overwritten be each copy of Isadora (assuming they are the same release number eg:2.0.5)
    So the only way to manage multiple preference would be to swap the actual preference files... this is do able, but requires renaming them accordingly.
    For instance.. the pref file for 2.0.5 is : "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5.izp"
    after opening an Izzy file and setting your preferences as needed, and closing Isadora, you could copy "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5.izp" and rename it to (for example) "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5_project1.izp"
    Do the same for all your projects.
    Now before opening your project you would delete the "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5.izp" file.. copy one of your renamed files... eg: "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5_project1.izp"
    and rename it to "Isadora Prefs 2.0.5.izp"
    Then open isadora and your project 1.
    Does this make sense? its the only way I can see right now to separate them.
    Like @Michel said.. an official solution is planned.
    ps: the prefs folder location depends of your OS

  • Thank you so much, Dusx,

    It sounds doable, but may be I will mess my files.
    May be I should wait for Isadora update:)
  • Tech Staff

    Worst thing that could happen is you reset your preferences. So don't delete them.. make copies and rename. This is how I use different settings for testing.. If you are working on multiple projects, it could save you a lot of time.

  • And also... just to say that this will be resolved as a byproduct of a new feature coming... soon. So this will not be an issue for too much longer. :)