Urgent! Isadora Run Only patch aborts recording after a few seconds

  • hi all

    {sorry if this is unformatted--using latest firefox and when i get a preview window for posting it's all run together no matter what--now trying in safari.}
    i have an instant playback patch that records live app from an iPad (using a capture card) and has a key to start recording and a key to stop recording.i'm using a triplehead and recording only stage 1.
    pressing the stop record key then jumps to a playback scene and begins playback. 
    this works over and over when using the USB key. 
    In the RUN ONLY patch i saved for the artist to use, the recording starts fine when triggered but after 3-5 seconds the recording aborts and a window comes up that says "Recording has been stopped." the window has an "OK" button to click to get rid of the window. and this happens every time.
    i'm about to leave the test patch with the artist --i should have tried a RUN ONLY version earlier– and she need to be able to record/playback for the next 7 days (the show is about half instant playback.)
    also when shutting down, izzy offers to save but then shows an "unregistered" window" i know RUN can't save patches but i thought it could save ephemeral info like movie # changes and numbers changes, like percent etc. i did register this computer for use with USB key but RUN is without--i've never used USB version before but Isadora 1 with standard version allowed number changes in RUN patches...
    can anyway steer me toward a solution?it's the first 2 scenes:In first scene using spacebar to jump to the 2nd record scene.
    number 1 key starts record. number 2 key stops it and jumps back to autoplay in scene 1.
    screenshots and patch attached
    2014 MBP, yosemite 10.10.4 , 2.8, 16 gigs Ram, 1T flash hard drive

    183aa9-recording-stopped-window.png 70ee39-not-registered-window.png

  • to clarify–i'm out of tech now--...sorry the patch + gui are in progress. i was cleaning it up when we realized the RUN version would not record properly.

    the first 2 scenes are the record/playback loop.
    in scene 1 there are 11 keys mapped to each of 3 screens (using triplehead2go) to respectively play or affect the clips playing on the 3 stages.
    scene 2 is live camera through a capture card on all 3 stages, with start record and stop record keys, and a jump back to load and play in scene 1. the "capture stage" actor is only capturing stage 1.
    (there are some keys that are pre-mapped to temporary behaviors until the decisions come in.  i will email back adjusted patches as i get notes. but the primary use is "record" and "instant playback" that interacts with the live action.)
    in the piece the artist records live to make a set of clips to use in the next section. but so far with the RUN version saved for operator use, clips are only a few seconds long because izzy aborts capture.
    i hope this clarifies the intent and set-up; i'm tracing through it and there's no difference between the run-only operator version and the master patch used to build and adjust it.

  • @mikemixed

    i can confirm your problem, if you set izzy in demo mode it will stop recording the output
    my assumption is from the way you are using the izzy engine this would require a license
    as recording of the capture cam is working flawless, 
    recording the stage output has this limitation to prevent a way of live interaction working without a license
    it is definitely question @mark can answer

  • thanks! i will submit a ticket.

    i assigned a password and it definitely needs to be unlocked with a pass on the non-licensed machine to add or subtract media, for example. (it kept quitting until we realized this.)

  • Isadora in demo mode record just 5 sec, it's normal behaviour, not a bug

  • thanks, i didn't know that. i think this was not true in version 1. re version 2 it does seem like the password would unlock this feature for a patch made on a licensed machine by the designer, for use by the artist or operator on tour, or even when the designer is working on a number of different shows. i have successfully designed patches for shows in the past that ran flawlessly by the show staff on non-licensed machines.

  • Izzy Guru

    • 1This is not a bug just a limitation of Demo mode.

  • I usually program all my shows using the USB key, and then leave the show running without the USB key plugged in and I did encounter the problem in the past and thought it was a bug, or a problem with my system. I don't think there is an understanding that the demo functionality is different from version 1 and if true, it begs the question of why, for what purpose.

  • Dear @LPmode + All,

    Regarding this comment: "I don't think there is an understanding that the demo functionality is different from version 1 and if true, it begs the question of why, for what purpose."
    The "Record Stage" feature to five seconds in demo mode when I first added this feature 12 or more years ago. It's been that way since then, so both for v1 and for v2.
    I made that choice thinking, "well, being able to output movies it's a form of saving... so it shouldn't be included in the demo, because the demo doesn't allow you to save." Frankly, I hadn't thought about it in years, since this is the first time any one ever had a problem because of it.
    That being said, I'm very sorry you made this discovery this in the middle of a tech rehearsal and that the dialog didn't inform you that this was a demo mode limitation.
    I think I am inclined to remove this limitation, but just want to run it by the team first to see if they concur.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks for getting back mark, it would be awesome if recording was generally possible on a user patch, or if recording could be another potential that is unlocked by the password for the Run version.

    i thought in the past that i had left a user patch that recorded in a version 1 design, but i must have run those myself.