• Hi,

    When I use a HDMI output from my mac the video has an interlace problem. If I use the deinterlace actor not only does the video level get lowered but it uses the CPU and I only get about 15-20 fps.
    I would like to use a Mac Pro with multiple thunderbolts to HDMI's but it'll have the same interlace problem.
    Any suggestions?

  • I'm converting the clips tonight to 1080p to see how they play tomorrow.

  • Is it a live source you're trying to deinterlace ?
    If it's a movie, it's better to deinterlace it before playing it.

    The deinterlace actor workaround I found is to add an effect mixer actor just after.
    Route the Deinterlace output to the first input of the effect mixer, and you'll get back full video levels at the output.
    I think (hope) a gpu based deinterlacer is about to come soon..

    Hope it helps.