Plug-ins not working together

  • A friend gave me a collection of plugins for Isadora. The all work I have tested them individually. The problem is when I put more the three or four packs into the plugins folder then the program crashes. Also when I have milultiple packs in before it crashes and I try to use two of the new actors together the program crashes. I am on windows 8 which I hear isn't the best for Isadora, could that be the problem? Do I just need to reinstall 7 or go to 10? Any help would be wonderful!

  • Dear @CodySeeHunt,

    I test Isadora on Windows 8.1, and I don't think there's really much difference between 7 and 8 as far as Isadora is concerned. But I guess I need to know what plugins you added (FreeFrame? FreeFrameGL? Or?) and where you added them. A count of the total number of plugins would be helpful.
  • Tech Staff

    I do most of my Isadora work in Windows 8.1 and have found it very stable, so I do not think it is related to the OS.

  • Thanks for the response! When I get home I will update with more specific info!

  • I just bought a macbook and am setting everything up new. We will see if I experience any more issues.

    Thanks guys!