Automatically switching between movie files via mouse watcher output

  • Hi,

    since this is my first post, I wanna say Hi to the community and say Thanks for the solutions I already got by browsing the forum.
    I'm wondering if the following is possible. I have three movies: 1\. a bird flying to the left 2\. a bird flying in front view 3\. a bird flying to the right. I use mouse controller to move the bird on the stage. When I stand put with the bird, I play movie 2, if I go left I play movie 1, and if I go right, I play movie 3\. I would like Isadora to automatically switch between movies on the mouse behavior, more specifically on the horizontal value. I would like to switch to the 2nd movie if nothing happens with the value, switch to the 1st if the value is decreasing and switch to the 3rd movie if it is increasing. Is it possible to get a watcher that watches the difference between the incoming values for certain period of time and trigger the movie player for increasing / decreasing. 


  • Hi @HansKnaub,

    that will be easy - I thought...
    Attached you find something to start with.
    The used IUA 'block until reset' you can find here:


  • Update - a little simpler and more reactive, but still needs a little pause for switching L/R.

    And without IUA.


  • And finally the lazy Sunday - third time is a charm - version.

    It's so easy.