Using an Activate Scene and Layers to create a consitant mask across scenes

  • Hi All,

    I vaguely remember that there is a way to put a projector and a mask picture into a scene and activate it (using the Activate Screen) and use it as a garbage matte for other scenes.  It's been a long time since I've done it, and now that I can't search the old archives, I can't remember how I did it.  Does anyone know what I mean, and remember how to do it?


  • Tech Staff


    1. you can search the old forum:

    2. see attachement


  • Hey Thanks, Michel.

    This is close to what I remember, but I seem to remember it inverted (i.e the video in the center, but black surrounding it).  And thanks for the link to the old forum.  That will come in handy.

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