Kinect One -> Isadora OSX, is that possible?

  • Is there any way to get the Ghost image from Kinct One (the new one), in to isadora on OS X?

    I am using Ni-Mate for the original Kinect, but it won't support Kinect One on OS X.
    Any tips?
  • Izzy Guru

    At this moment in time - I don't think so.

    The kinect one is pretty locked down apparently. 

  • There is an openframeworks addon for kinect v2 (that's kinect one). It used to be slow, but recently it was reportedly gpu–accelerated.

  • Izzy Guru

    Does it have Syphon yet @eight?

  • Beta Gold

    ni-mate has been updated to version 2 that supports now kinect one. In didn't test it yet because I don't have one. But as soon as I get one I'll try

  • @Armando kinect one (v2) is not currently supported by Ni-Mate 2.02 (last relesed version) and due to their forum there isn't plan to do it soon 'couse a difficoult to do it

    I got nimate 2 and kinect v2 and it works greats. This time I feel happy to be on Win :-)

  • For OSX users take a look at this
    It does not have skeleton data (as far as I know OSX will not get it in any hurry) but it does have depth IR and colour video over syphon and I get 60fps form all streams. I am nearly done adding the point cloud and some more controls. If you are on OSX give it a try and let me know how it goes. It seems to perform pretty well but I did not have any time for extreme testing.