Bin Picker: is it possible to have more than 100 movies?

  • new recorded movies appear in the Media, in the Video Bin, but in the GUI, movie numbers after 100 do not load in the number window that is linked to the Movie Player, and in the Bin Picker they cannot be picked.


    isadora 2.0.5

  • Tech Staff

    OK, so I just ran a test, generating video files and adding them to the media Bin, as well viewing the videos with a Bin Control.

    I reached 110 videos without issue, all where shown in the Bin Control.
    So, perhaps you simply have the Bin control sized in a way that some media is hidden? If so, double clicking the control and setting the 'scroll option' to something other than 'none' should solve the problem.

  • thanks, i'll try that and let you know if it works.

    i have not yet separated to different bins for different types of material--i had thought that might solve it by changing the numbers themselves. but i think you can't ever have the same number for any given movie cause all the same-type media numbers consecutively regardless of named bins within that type (eg-all video) so it would still be numbers over 100.

  • yes, you are right! it was a control-assign issue, but it wasn't the Bin: there was a 100 max accidentally left assigned in one of the counter actors.