• Just had a report from one user that upgraded today to 10.10.5 that Isadora is failing to start up.
    Obviously we are troubleshooting this right away, but if you are on a time-sensitive deadline, it would be a good idea (and generally best practice anyway) to not upgrade to the latest OS update on your main machine as soon as it first becomes available.

    Will re-post once we know how widespread the issue is, or if it is being caused by a plugin or is specific to this users system setup.

    best, primaldivine

  • Izzy Guru

    I get this now and again - logging out and back in helps.

    Did the report say the icon bounces but then nothing launches? 

  • Dear @primaldiving and all,

    I just upgraded to 10.10.5 and Isadora 2.0.5 (nor the current internal build) does not crash on startup.
    The crash the user reported happened when Isadora was scanning for the video input devices, and was attempting to communicate with the DV Driver.
    Best Wishes,