• Has anyone had any successful experience of moving live video from a drone directly to Isadora? Specifically I have a phantom three advanced. The iPad program allows for direct streaming to youTube. The video quality is amazing and the professional model which allows for 4K video could be some very interesting possibilities interfaced with Izzy… Your comments would be much appreciated…

  • How much latency the live stream has?

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    Is direct streaming to YouTube from an iPad the _only_ way to output video from these devices?
    Isadora can get live video in two main ways: Syphon or through a Live Capture, which means you need to either get the video stream with an app that has Syphon support (a software based solution), or somehow route it into a capture card (a hardware based solution).
    For example, I've used the iOS HDMI dongles to connect iPads and iPhones to my Blackmagic Intensity card. by using an AppleTV with AirPlay Mirroring, I was able to to this wirelessly, though the latency becomes noticeable at that point.

  • Thanks... I have not used an HDMI dongle... The Apple TV is also a great idea. I am not sure how/if I would use this... But possibilities are the first step to creativity. Thanks.

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    With specific regards to the AppleTV -- my initial thought is to connect the AppleTV to an HDMI capture device such as a Blackmagic Intensity.

    I have both devices myself, but I've never actually tried doing it. I *have* connected a video game console as well as the HDMI output from a gaming PC to a Blackmagic and captured that video into Isadora, and it was surprisingly responsive: enough that you could play a video game with what Isadora was outputting to the projector.
    Seems like this would be a pretty easy and fast way to get the image from an iPhone into Isadora wirelessly. The wireless element would add a little bit of lag to the whole thing, however.

  • DJ go app seems to be a bit locked, so IMHO the only way (otherwise best option) is iPad > HDMI dongle (screen mirroring) > Blackmagic hdmi card > isadora

    same in android enviroment
    but maybe some geek comunity has made his own app, I don't know

  • GStreamer supports various protocols, I would investigate that.