• is there GPU-based alternative for the 3D Quad Distort-actor? my aim is to be able to movie the 4 corners of my frame in x- and y-axis like I can do in the x1, y1,x2, y2...-settings in that controller. Since I understood working with gpu is much better I would like to change, but the 3D Quad Distort-actor only accept CPU.

  • I just checked all my effects. Also I would need GPU-based alternatives for following actors sinve my video passes through all of them:

    • Contrast Adjust
    • Static
    • Multivid

    Seems that will be hard to get at the moment. So It seems I have to stay at CPU-Video since changing from GPU to CPU seems not a good idea. So I should use also the classic video-player. Did I get that right?

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    with the next update of version 2.x you will have the quad distort actor with gpu input.

    Best Michel

  • What you want is exactly what you get with upgrading to the 2.x version of Isadora - and from the reactions here in the forum and my own experience I can say it's well worth the money.

    Concerning the ffgl-plugins, Mark just published a bunch (see first entry on the discussion page) and it is announced that there will be more in the (hopefully) soon coming new release. In this post (http://www.troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/comment/10106/#Comment_10106) you can find a list of resources of third party plugins. Note that plugins are not cross-platform so you'll need different for windows or mac.
    About the movie player see here: http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/izzy20-playback/. There it is stated that the new movie players always uses the GPU first, so if you really have to use CPU actors I guess it might be better to stay with the classic player.

  • OK, thanks, then I have to wait until the other GPU-actors are out.
    I have just bought Isadora 2.0. Its amazing!

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    You can publish the corner points of a rect in Izzy map and get the same functionality.
    Thats fully GPU based and fast.

  • perfekt!