"Stage input" property not in projector actor. Questions

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    Hello all

    I don't get how the stage input works on actors like the gpu background color actor. If I connect a background color to a new projector the property stage on the background actor is set o n/a which is (i suppose) non applicable because the stage is set to 1 on the projector .  Now, trying to change the n/a to a different stage number is possible, I can write the new number, but  as soon as I hit return it becomes n/a again. This seems logical because the  background color actor is connected to a projector that has stage input property set to 1.
    Ok, now if on the same scene I put a second projector with a video in watcher (not the classic, the new one that also has the stage input property) and a projector set to stage 2 the camera image goes on stage 2 and the video in watcher stage input property is set to n/a. If I change this property in the video in watcher to any number (1 to 6) I can do it but image still goes to the projector the video in watcher is linked physically. What is the stage input property in the video in watcher  actor for? 
    My question is why can I change the number in the video in watcher (although this has no effect) and I can't change it in the background color actor? And why do we have now stage input property in actors other than the stage? (I remember this comes historically in the ci video in watcher)
    Did I miss a post?
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    In general, the way it should work in V2 (2.0.5) should be that the beginning of a video path must define the stage number. So this is why source actors have the stage setting.
    Additionally you can't mix video streams of different stage settings.

    Now, the projector stage settings, should be updated to NA if the input is GPU based.
    The process is reverse in the case of CPU-vid.
    This will change very soon, and the whole process will be both easier, and more flexible.

  • Dear All,

    To be a bit more specific: we've addressed this "stage at the beginning of the chain" thing in the current internal build, which is being tested by the team and by a few users we've selected. You'll all be very happy with the results I'm sure, as it makes life a whole lot easier for everyone. We'll get it out there as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience.
    Best Wishes,