Broken TV FX

  • Hi.

    I need a broken tv real time FX, with scattering image, noise and horizontal lines. Before I used FFGL shader loader with a shader that do this, but now (now I'on W10) it seems to work uncorrectly. Any ideas how to do it?

  • Tech Staff

    Video Noise, Scan and lots of random ness I guess.

  • Tech Staff

    I have a win 10 test system. Can you direct me to the exact fx that is not working I win 10. I would like to do a little testing. Thanks

  • the FFGL plugin do not compile right images, for example do no accept some shaders that before were good...but...surprise surprise, now I downloaded version 1.03 from hereĀ and now it works.

    day after day I'm more convinced thad computers aren't deterministic systems.

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