• Hi all !! using the new TD I found that when I want to increase the font size it comes to a certain point where the word gets chopped in two lines  (or rows)for ex.

     I correct this changing the values of the height and weight bounds to 0\. Now I can get the maximum size of the font and the word keeps its place.
    But another thing happened with this calibration: when I type an entire line for example with letter A it becomes an endless line, it never changes to the second row an so on. How can I do it keeping the bounds values to 0 ?
    Thank you all. Best, 
  • Tech Staff

    Can you be a little more specific as to what you're trying to create visually?

    It sounds like you _want_ the text to drop down to a second line at some point. 
    Using the Text Draw actor, altering the font size will alter the rows of text when you have bounds set, just like if you changed the text size in a Word document. When there are no bounds, the text goes down to a second row if you create a line break in the text field with the Enter key.
    If you want to change the _size_ of the text without messing up with bounding or line rows, then you could use the Zoom on the projector outputting the text, _or_ link that Text Draw actor to a Zoomer actor.

  • Thanks Mc_monte !!  thats exactly what i want to do...

     I´ve already try zooming within the projector or with the zoomer actor but it gets pixelated... i´m not sure but may be its not quite the same result between zooming or increasing the font size ?
    so I´m still having the problem: i can get font size change or "correct" lines/rows changing but not the two at the same time. Any other ideas? Don´t want to go back and use the classic Text Actor
    Thank you !
  • Tech Staff

    Sorry I am not at my machine.. Can you not scale the bounds while you scale the font size?

  • Hi Dusx ! do you mean at the same time?

  • Dear @maxiwille,

    To explain the difference between zooming on the projector and changing the font size:
    1) When you zoom, you take the image coming out of the Text Draw actor and increase its size. Thus, it can end up looking pixelated. I.e., if the resolution coming out of the Text Draw actor is 1280x820, and you zoom to 500%, the image is being scaled up 5x. Thus you see the pixels.
    2) When you change the font size, the font being rendered into the frame at whatever size you specify. Since this is before the zoom, the pixelation does not change, because the rendering function takes the current resolution into account.
    Does that make sense?
    Best Wishes,

  • Maxiwille,

    I dont understand what's the problem, and what exactly you want…
    When  H bound is set to 0, you have a continuous line, to have a second row you have to type a line break and that doesn't change if you change the font size. When you change font size, it's like zooming with no change in typo,
    When H bound is set to > 0, there is a new row when your line is greater that the bound, breaking the line at space when there is space, when the line is full when there is no space (like aaaaaaaa…). When you zoom, there is a change in typo, according to the rules, with new row to put the text inside the bounds.
    For me it seems a normal and wanted behavior.
  • Tech Staff

    @Maxiwille -- yes, using the zooms will eventually result in pixelated text if you start small and make it big. To get around this: play with the font size and zoom until you have on stage the largest you ever expect the text to get visually. Build it all in reverse: create the final result, then scale down from there, instead of scaling up. See how that works.

    Are you doing this interactively somehow? You might need to make a decision about limits. If everything looks good "at the limit" then use the value scaling of Isadora to prevent the text+zoom from getting any larger than you want it to be.

  • Thank you all !! what mark says make sense. Yes Jackes it is normal behavior. Now i understand.

    But what I want to achieve is that 2 normal behavior( Bounds set to 0 for the size font, and bouns set to 100 for line breaking) at the same time, what now I see is contradictory!! i want to be able to increase and decrease font size and  the line break without hit Enter/return key. I dont want to sound whimsical, but is a need for the live word feeding in the show.
    Attach the patch. enable the control panel to see control I´ve created 
    Thank you very much guys !!