• Sometimes I "loose" the cursor during a performance...

    How can I cause the cursor to appear at a position (x,y) on my laptop screen when I press the X key?


  • Hi Bill,

    there are some little apps that automate mouse movement and clicks, you can record mouse activity and play it back with a hotkey. i think they are designed for people who have such boring repetitive jobs that they can be done by a clicking machine. maybe one of these would be a useful solution.
    i used GS Autoclicker for an installation yesterday, but it doesn't record mouse movement, just clicks at a designated interval. while i was searching for something to use, i'm sure i found some apps that record movement as well, but went for Autoclicker for its simplicity.
    I hope this is useful,

  • Hello,

    I have 3 solutions for these problem
    1) position your main window in the bottom, activate dock apparition and growing. When you go down, you see where is your cursor…
    2) download the little app I made with Max/Msp
    here you have
    – an app (cursorTrig.app), launch it
    – an Isadora patch (cursorTrig.izz), launch it
    In the user actor there, you have the cursor coordinates you want to reach, and a trigger
    test it and say me if it works
    3) ask to the Isadora coder team to make an actor able to do that. There is API in Xcode to do that but I am not able to perform it.
    Hope that helps,

  • Important, with cursorTrig.app, you need all the dependencies to have a working application.

    Leave them in the same folder.