"What's so good about Isadora then?"

  • When asked the question in the title by a sound guy in a bar, I started explaining... ended up sketching my current touring patch. Hadn't even got to the 8ch audio input, midi triggers from the drums & foot pedals for scene changes, lighting cues via USB > DMX... or the stage output to 3x projectors!a7f955-img_0213.jpg

  • I had a similar discussion with the video-tech in a major theatre. They use Isadora and Resolume Arena, and pick one of the two depending on the type of video-score required. Some shows are easier to run with Isadora, some other –– with Resolume. The way she put it was that in some cases the Resolume timeline driven approach wins.

    Mind you she is just a technician, who runs tens of shows, so her view is skewed towards operational aspect of the software, as opposed to creative.
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    Thats a cool sketch

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    Love it :) @Mark will love this also!