Settings for "value" @ listener

  • ey!

    In the listener actor, the default setting for "value" are MIN for Limit Min, and MAX for Limit Max.
    In my set up, I need the Limit Min to be 0, and the Limit Max to be 100, so I manually changed it. but this change doesn´t remain when I close and open again my patch. It is not saved with it. 
    Is this a bug?
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Dear @camilozk,

    I just tried this, and it works as expected in 2.0.5\. I did this:
    1. Add Listener to patch
    2. Set Limit Min and Limit Max of the 'value' output to 0 and 100 using the inspector
    3. Attach to another actor
    4. Save patch and reopen
    Is that different from what you're doing?

  • I have just done what you described, and it DOES work alright

    but in my patch I am using "integer" as type for the listener, instead of float that is the default value. When I did what you described, but set the type as "integer", after turning off and on the project, the values were again MIN and MAX
    Is it the right behaviour?

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