Izzy @ task manager (win)

  • I have been turning off isadora.exe manually from the task manager in windows very very often, because it doesn´t turn off when I close the software.

    somebody else has been experiencing this?

  • That was a common problem for me in Windows 7, hasn't been an issue since I upgraded to Windows 10.

  • Dear Camilozk,

    Yes, there is a very strange bug where – if I did not release all of a particular kind of drawing resources  – the app refused to quit. The internal build that we're testing solves this I believe. But it could be that Microsoft saw this as a flaw in their code and fixed it for Windows 10.
    We're working very hard right now on getting this new build out. Thanks for your patience, and please stay tuned.

  • this bug is still here on my pc ( I'm on win 10) but is less frequent

  • thanks mark!!

    I didnt even know there was such thing as win 10...

  • Tech Staff

    I have been having this same issue and I can say it is MUCH better in the new version. (coming soon).

  • Tech Staff

    All I can say about this is that at our University a few people have the same issue with Firefox on Windows 7, they have to manually remove it from the taskmanager otherwise they can't open Firefox anymore.

    Best Michel


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