How to render 3D render as QT at high resolution

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    I am running into a problem trying to record as quicktime a patch that includes the new 3D render actor.
    My machine can run the patch at SD, but I want to render at 1080p.
    If I change the record stage settings to a higher resolution, it doesn't seem like the 3D render gets set to this new resolution.
    If I add a stage size to feed into the 3d render width and height, it doesn't seem to update from the record stage settings.
    I can try to change the render size in the actor once record to stage has began, but this i freezing izzy.


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    OK.. so I worked out a method to allow me to render at higher resolutions.

    my steps:
    1. create fx so that it play realtime to stage (default render size in 3D renderer)
    2. create snap shot.
    3. create a second snap shot
    4. stop Isadora engine.
    5. edit 3D renderer resolution
    6. Update snapshot.
    7. SAVE
    8. goto/click snapshot 1
    9. setup stage recorder, (render at low rate eg 10% speed)
    10. start Record
    11. Click SnapShot #2 (this worked for me as long as snapshot 1 was able to begin)
    12. Once Ready to quit Recording, click snapshot 1 again.
    13. Stop stage Record.

    Video file created will have to be edited since it contains low resolution footage at beginning and end.

    I hope this helps someone..  I know I will be using this method again.

  • Did you submit a bug report on this one yet? If not, please do.

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    Will do. Where is the bug form on the new site?

  • It's here

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    that should have been obvious. ;)