Anyone in Montreal?

  • Hello Community!

    Is there anyone in Montreal who could give some advice to a friend of mine. Paul is a lighting designer, working on a project where he wants something to send dmx in response to the pitch and volume of a theremin. I said it would be pretty easy to do in Isadora, but I'm on the wrong side of the world to be able to help him out.
    Please contact studio(at) if you can meet up with him and help out.
    (He's one of the nicest people i've ever met, and a very talented light artist)

  • Hello, I live in Montreal and I can help your friend. But I'm trying to send him a mail but it does'nt work tell him to try a.menicacci at


  • Thanks Armando - i'll send him your details.


  • You are welcome dbini. We are already in contact.


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